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To become member of C.I.L. or to ask the renew of your membership in C.I.L. it’s COMPULSORY filling out the questionnaire.
It’s not possible the renew only sending the wire-transfer!

In this way will be possible to control and to update the dates of the members, the ENCI membership-card paper no longer exists, the members at the time of joining the Club (both for new membership and for renewal) will receive a link via e-mail or SMS text message with which it will be possible to download the membership-card in electronic format (pdf).

Info for the payment => HERE

  1. Art. 5 of the CIL Statute: Art. 5 – To become a member of the Club Italiano Lagotto Quintino Toschi (C.I.L.) it is necessary to submit a written and signed application, addressed to the President. In this application it must also be specified that the applicant undertakes to accept the provisions of the by-laws and the relative regulations, as well as to observe the provisions that will be issued by the Board or by the Shareholders' Meeting. The Council will examine applications for admission within its first useful meeting. The Council decides on each application, which, in the event of non-acceptance of the same, is not required to indicate the reasons for its decision. Against the denial of membership, a complaint is admitted within 30 days of its communication, through a request presented to the President of the Association, who takes care to bring the matter to the attention of the first useful Assembly. Applications for admission as a member, presented for the year in which the election of the new Board of Directors takes place, can only be processed and evaluated by the newly elected Board of Directors.
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  3. http://www.enci.it/informativa-privacy

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